63+36 roses, 2007
Action, Historical Park of Mount Sole, Marzabotto, Bologna, Italy


On my last year of university at the Fine Art Academy of Bologna I was invited to a workshop held at the Historic Regional Park of Mount Sole where in 1944 hundreds of innocent people together with part of the Brigata Partigiana Stella Rossa were slain by Nazi soldiers. This incredible place and the recounts of survived from 1944's events brought me to investigate the hill with a time based action.

I established my base at the top of the hill as a ‘waiting point’ and the bushes, not in bloom, at the bottom of the hill as an arrival point. Those who happen to spontaneously approach my spot on the hill were given a rose: if they agreed to come with me, they followed me walking to a thorny hedge at the bottom of the hill where they will then be asked to toss or plant or place their rose. After this action I was walking back till my waiting point.

Performance duration was from 1pm until 7pm
63 red roses, 36 white roses, 99 numbered leaves bearing the message “follow me” in ink on tissue paper


63+36 roses, 2007. Photographic documentation by Gianni Gosdan and screenshot from video documentation, April 25, 2007. Historical Park of Monte Sole, Marzabotto, Bologna, Italy.