Jamais vu, 2010
Photographs and Installation

1000 pictures and 66 text fragments (10x15cm each), boxes and wood (various dimensions), environmental dimensions.

This research project was carried out through the everyday act of walking while I was an artist in residence at the Contemporary Art Pavilion in Ferrara, Italy.
I decided to walk through the city ‘far and wide, high and low’ after a few times the elements of the visual landscape reminded me of the description of images that people close to me ones told me, and that I cherish in my memory.
From these mental images I began searching while walking without a predetermined destination. I found moments of concordance between the viewed pictures and the told ones, and at the same time I began a free acceptance of whatever situation ‘human free’ I was able to shoot. The landscape in the city was recalling me about the inhabitants presences and their lives, which I could recognize almost everywhere. I quickly became obsessed to shoot everything I was seeing and possibly almost every inhabitant of this city have seeing at least ones - while walking.
During the research I also decided to not watch on the viewfinder of my camera, and so increase the implicit acceptance of a certain unpredictability in analogue photographic technique on its final result.

Installation view