Jamais vu, 2010
Photographs and Installation

Walking through the city of Ferrara a few times the elements of visual landscape reminded me of the description of images that people close to me told me, and that I cherish in my memory.
From these a search starts: moments of concordance between the viewed pictures and the told ones. For each encounter - one shoot - and for each shoot an alteration in my memory.
During the searching, time of the account and time of the shoots, reminders and photographic picture, join and switch themselves, and produce minute gaps. The latest of these gaps remains in the fact that photography doesn’t give back exactly what the eyes have encountered and seen.
Thanks to the acceptance of a certain implicit unpredictability in analogue photographic technique, the picture that appears on the print could become just the coincidence sought between perception and remembrance, and their different occurences.
1000 pictures and 66 text fragments are calling us, explaining how deep a “jamais vu” can be.


Presented at the Contemporary Art Pavilion, Ferrara, Italy during Here we are | Il luogo è sempre specifico, curated by Martina Angelotti, 2010