Black ballpoint pen on paper, 2013
Black ballpoint pen on paper, 45 x 45 cm / 30 x 30 cm


The technique of these drawings is unequivocally bound to automatic writing, but instead of letters, the forms are composed of segni minimi, or minimal abstract units, created through a process of marking that does not result from any conscious thought. The drawing unfolds from a liberating act of shapes that tends to evoke a natural universe, which is as unified as it is fragmented, as recognizable as it is indecipherable. 

I chose to create a series of drawings in the same way that I created a series of actions in my most recent performances, in which the element of repetition was always present. The repetition of the act refers to our everyday life, which in various ways can be mechanical and supplemented by the use of mechanical devices. For me, drawing is an attempt to move away from mechanical media through an application of the quasi-mechanical actions of the hand.


(Presented at Galleria Cinica, Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi (Perugia), Italy during Legami Deboli, curated by Celeste Ricci, 2013-2014)