Overwhelmed Till The Yearning #3
Performance and installation, 2016 

In my drawing-performances the creative act is interconnected with its documentation: each of my drawing is the intimate and non-mechanic record of an inner state, which I can describe as similar to meditation; but at the same time the act of drawing is the pre-condition to reach this very specific state. There is a circularity, or better a non-linearity in place: the drawing is the visible report from an invisible process and, paradoxically, the invisible process it’s the source of the drawing. 

The act of drawing is for me, paradoxically a documentation in itself, not only brought to life for the audience which might come across to it in the future, but a documentation able to manifest and ‘translate’ into the visible an invisible process while happening.

The outcome of my drawing-performances, public or private, is unpredictable, and is somehow transcending my intentions. The organic-like trace of my work is an original form: is mediated by my body, but is also independent from me, in certain extent. For example, I can only see its features at the end of each session, when I start building a relation with it.

This was a five hour live drawing performance on a fourty-five meters square of paper installed on the floor of the internal hall of the ‘Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini’ in Bologna, to host my gesture for the first time proposed public. A drawing, on different shades of blue, conceived bringing together the dimensionality of the space with mine. 

The five hours action were accompanied by an organic sound composition created by Daniel Basilio in dialogue with the performance.