Looking for something there, yet it is there, 2014-2016
Performance in collaboration with Shervin Kianersi Haghighi.

Between January 2014 and summer 2016 I started a series of performances in public spaces.
A collaborative piece with the Iranian artist Shervin Kianersi Haghighi while based in Ghent, Belgium and me based in London, UK. Once a month we picked a place like a shop or restaurant and ask the owner about the most annoying work that she or he does on a daily basis. After having a discussion about the nature of this work, we offered respectively to do that task for her or him on another day. We then tried to execute it exactly the way they would after their instructions. We both started on the same day and at the same hour and compared our experiences after about a week. The performance was then documented as the result of our discussion.