Overwhelmed till the Yearning #2 (London), 2013
1056 images. Printing from a digital negative, 10 x 15 cm

Recalling the key terms used for Black ballpoint pen on paper the photographs of Overwhelmed till the Yearning # 2 (London) are close to natural world unequivocally. This world is not looked as a model or subject, but as a place to get lost. Each shot it does not allow an overview of the landscape or vegetation to which approaches but rather invades and is invaded by its lines, from its light and its colors.

The modus operandi activated for this photographic series (which includes a number of hundreds and hundreds of images) is similar in some respects to that adopted in the drawings, because the image is always found at the rear and never predetermined initially. For this series I make use of repetitive acts that are structured by a deliberate use of digital advanced equipment. What the camera allows in this case, is the shooting of a potentially infinite number of images, that possibly triggers a bulimic attitude towards the images themselves.


(Presented at Galleria Cinica, Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi (Perugia), Italy during Legami Deboli, curated by Celeste Ricci, 2013-2014)